River Hawk Tutors was started by Jonah in 2014 as a platform to serve, in a more personal manner, UMass Lowell students looking for experienced tutors in science and engineering. Currently, River Hawk Tutors seeks to serve students in and around Lowell, MA.

One-on-one Tutoring

River Hawk Tutors offers affordable tutoring sessions at only $50.00/hr. River Hawk Tutors takes pride in the flexibility to schedule sessions at short notice.

Our valued clients do not only receive help during the tutoring sessions, but they continue to receive additional personalized-support on subject material covered in tutoring sessions (.e.g. the night before exam day, students can ask last minute without additionl charges). On subsequent tutoring sessions, we prepare appropriate study material (e.g. formulae sheets) for our clients.

During one-on-one tutoring sessions, students bring their subject material which can include the following:

Free Online Help

We offer free online consultation on science and engineering assignments and projects. Students can directly chat with tutors who are available online. If there is no tutor available, a student can leave a message and a tutor will respond as soon as practical.

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